Researchers Overview

Staff list

  • Kenichi Arai

    Kenichi Arai

  • Hanae Futono

    Hanae Futono

  • Michiyo Oda

    Michiyo Oda

  • Kazuki Miya

    Kazuki Miya

  • Other Researcher

    Other Researcher

  • Tsutomu Inagaki (Fujii)

    Tsutomu Inagaki (Fujii)

  • Takafumi Sawaumi

    Takafumi Sawaumi

  • Miki Toyama

    Miki Toyama

  • Li Tang

    Li Tang

  • Shuhei Miwa

    Shuhei Miwa

  • Akira Asayama

    Akira Asayama

  • Ryo Kainuma

    Ryo Kainuma

  • Ayaka Sumikawa

    Ayaka Sumikawa

  • Other Researcher

    Other Researcher

  • Kanji Akahori

    Kanji Akahori

  • Masayoshi Yanagisawa

    Masayoshi Yanagisawa

  • Toshihiko Takeuchi

    Toshihiko Takeuchi

  • Shogo Kato

    Shogo Kato

  • Yuuki Kato

    Yuuki Kato

  • Hidenori Tachi

    Hidenori Tachi

  • Takeshi Kitazawa

    Takeshi Kitazawa

  • Noboru Wakayama

    Noboru Wakayama

  • Kiminori Usuki

    Kiminori Usuki

  • Yayoi Anzai

    Yayoi Anzai

  • Terumi Kobayashi

    Terumi Kobayashi

  • Other Researcher

    Other Researcher

Areas of Research

This laboratory conducts research on test evaluation and analysis. We also perform joint research and exchange programs with overseas testing research institutes.

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This laboratory conducts research and development into testing approaches that measure communication skills, teamwork skills, and social skills, etc.

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This laboratory conducts research on the foundation of computer-based testing, and basic research on media and recognition, as well as applied and practical research
that utilize such knowledge.

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