CRET/BERD International Symposium 2013
How to Leverage the Results of PISA and PIAAC for Educational Practice

◆Date   13:00-16:30, Thursday, 12 December, 2013
 13:00-15:00 [Part I] Lecture
 15:15-16:30 [Part II] Panel Discussion
 *The speech and discussion are simultaneously interpreted in Japanese and English.

Shinjuku Sumitomo Hall access map

◆Programme   13:00-13:10 Opening Address
  13:10-13:40 [Keynote Address]
Shin'ichi Ichikawa (The University of Tokyo)

"The Future Roadmap of Japanese Education -Beyond the Debate over Yutori, Education Free from Pressure, and Decline in Academic Performance"
pdfPresentation material pdfSummary
  13:40-14:10 [Overseas Presentation (1)]
Petra Stanat (IQB)

"PISA and the Consequences in Germany: National Educational Standards, their Implementation in the School System, and Perspectives for the Future"
pdfPresentation material pdfSummary
  14:10-14:40 [Overseas Presentation (2)]
Jing Lu(SAES)

"Reflection on the Results of PISA in Shanghai"
pdfPresentation material pdfSummary

[Report from Japan]
Kampei Hayashi (Japan Society for Promotion of Science)

"Insights from the Japanese PISA and PIAAC Results -Challenges and Suggestions for Implementation"
pdfPresentation material pdf講演サマリー

  15:00-15:15 Break
  15:15-16:25 [Panel Discussion]
Panelists: Part 1 Speakers, Mizue Shiomi(MEXT), Akira Aoyama(Tokyo Metropolitan Kokusai High School), Akira Mimachi(The National Association of Junior High School Principals)
Facilitator: Kenichi Arai (Chairperson, CRET/Chairperson, BERD)
  16:25-16:30 Closing Address

Shin'ichi Ichikawa
Professor of the Graduates School of Education at the University of Tokyo
The vice chair of the Central Council for Education's Systems Subdivision

Petra Stanat
Director of the Institute for Educational Quality Improvement(IQB), Humboldt University of Berlin

Jing Lu
Professor, Co-National Project Manager of Shanghai PISA Centre
Deputy Director of Shanghai Institute for Basic Eduation Research, Shanghai Academy of Educational Sciences(SAES)

Kampei Hayashi
Research Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
Research Fellow and Part-time Lecturer at the University of Sacred Heart
Part-time Lecturer at Hose University; Part-time Lecturer at Seisa University

Mizue Shiomi
Director of School Curriculum Section, Elementary and Secondary Education Bureau, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology(MEXT)

Akira Aoyama
Principal of Tokyo Metropolitan Kokusai High School

Akira Mimach
Advisor (former President) to the National Association of Junior High School Principals
Adjunct Lecturer at Tsuda College


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