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kenichi arai

Kenichi Arai

Chairperson, Center for Research on Educational Testing

(Chairperson, Board of Directors, Benesse Educational Research and Development Institute)

 In a society in which internationalization and advanced information sharing is progressing rapidly as it is currently, I believe it is increasingly important that education focuses on teaching students to accept different values, to cultivate a variety of abilities and to bring forth new knowledge. This is because as society grows ever more complicated, new challenges are created and there are many issues that we cannot address with just the values and abilities we have relied on in the past. In order to overcome these challenges, it is essential that we can measure diverse values. Moreover, I believe an educational system is demanded which can cultivate abilities that connect with society in accordance with the life choices of each individual. However, I am afraid that we cannot yet say that there is sufficient research on this in Japan.

 This situation led us to believe that it was necessary to conduct research in which it is possible to thoroughly probe and measure the various abilities that connect with society, and so we have established a non-profit organization CRET. At CRET, we make invitations to leading experts in various fields and then collaborate with research organizations overseas that are pressing ahead with research, including independent surveys and research. We will continue to advance research while staying in harmony with international trends.
 It is the aim of CRET to be able to contribute to the improvement of education in Japan and throughout the world, and it is our intention to continue these activities in the future, so I hope I can count on your support.

There are three areas of research in CRET

This laboratory conducts research on test evaluation and analysis. We also perform joint research and exchange programs with overseas testing research institutes.

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This laboratory conducts research and development into testing approaches that measure communication skills, teamwork skills, and social skills, etc.

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This laboratory conducts research on the foundation of computer-based testing, and basic research on media and recognition, as well as applied and practical research
that utilize such knowledge.

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