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Advancement of Testing Technology


Dr. Kanji Akahori

President of JAPET / President of ICT CONNECT 21

Professor Emeritus of Tokyo Institute of Technology

Up to the present day, he has worked as a senior high school teacher in Shizuoka, a lecturer and associate professor of Tokyo Gakugei University, and then an assistant professor and professor of Tokyo Institute of Technology. During his career, he has also served as a guest professor at The Open University of Japan and the UN University Institute of Advanced Studies, etc.

◆ Publications:
Invitation to Educational Technology, JustSystems, 2002
Instructional Designs as the Basics of Classes, Japan Audio-Visual Education Association, 2004
The Methods and Actualities of Class Designs, Koryosha, 2009
Classes for Information Morals that Nurture Communication Skills, JustSystems, 2010, and others


We conduct research, such as basic technology such as automatic grading and infrastructure development of computer-based test.

Today, more people recognize that the concepts of “testing” and “learning” are not independent from each other, but are in fact linked. Indeed, people learn in such a way that while solving questions, they find the solution and say, “That’s it.” During tests also, while solving problems, they underline important terms, write down some notes or comments, or in some cases even draw red lines. This is not really very different from what they would do in their usual learning. The latest reference books or digital learning materials use various pieces of information besides texts, such as illustrations and cartoons. In this aspect, if we use computer-based testing, not only such illustrations but also animations or videos can be included in tests. As such, we are trying to expand our concept of testing, and are working for the advancement of testing technology in a range of research from basic to applied and practical research.


The following are the main topics of our research:
1. Basic research
This relates to media, tests, and learning. This includes, for example, comparisons between paper-based and computer-based testing, research regarding the impacts on recognition given by papers, PCs, and other media, research on annotation and note-taking, and research on the effects of using illustrations and cartoons in testing.
2. Applied research
This includes the development of digital learning materials and supports to distance learning based on the basic research.
3. Practical research
This is practical research that uses digital learning materials or tests targeting educational facilities from elementary schools to universities.



Report on a presentation at the 33rd National Convention of Japan Society for Educational Technology
"Using Self Video to Improve a Presentation in English – Difference between Ways to Point out"

I attended the 33rd National Convention of Japan Society for Educational Technology held in Shimane University in September 2017. In this convention, I gave a presentation titled, "Using Self Video to Improve a Presentation in English - Difference between Ways to Point out." We get opportunities to give presentations in various situations, such as at schools and in businesses. Wat...

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Report on a Presentation at the 32nd Annual Meeting of the Japan Society for Educational Technology 2016
"Adaptive Testing for Measuring Critical Thinking Ability"

On September 17, 2016, I attended the 32nd Annual Meeting of the Japan Society for Educational Technology 2016 at the Toyonaka Campus of Osaka University to give a presentation entitled, "Adaptive Testing for Measuring Critical Thinking Ability." I presented the results of our experiment conducted in Advancement of Testing Technology.   As we are surrounded by so much and varied inf...

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Report on the Participating ASCD Conference

The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) hosted a large event with seminars and exhibitions mainly for grade-school teachers at a convention center in Philadelphia in the United States. This was an event at which Kenichi Arai and Kanji Akahori participated. The following is a summary of the presentations we participated in.   1) Homework Just like in ...

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Report on Observation of a Korean Elementary School which introduced Digitalized Textbooks

 I visited Dongmak Elementary School in Jinsen, Korea. Jinsen is a port town located on the outskirts of Seoul. Dongmak Elementary School is known for its specialized education for gifted children. The school philosophy is to promote both study and sport. In 2007, Dongmak Elementary School introduced experimental classroom teaching using digitalized textbooks for students who requested to try...

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Columns and Reports


Catching a Glimpse of the Education Community in America

Kanji Akahori, Ph.D., CRET Board of Directors   I had an opportunity to participate in two conventions held by the U.S. academic societies of the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) and the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) in March and June 2012. The ASCD and ISTE are academic societies that are aimed more at teaching staff in sc...

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  • Masayoshi Yanagisawa

  • Toshihiko Takeuchi

  • Shogo Kato

  • Yuuki Kato

  • Yuri Shumura

  • Hidenori Tachi

  • Takeshi Kitazawa

  • Noboru Wakayama

  • Kiminori Usuki

  • Yayoi Anzai

  • Terumi Kobayashi

  • Go Ota

  • Kinuyo Nagata

  • Michiyo Oda

  • Yoshio Goto

  • Hisashi Suzuki

  • Other Researcher

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This laboratory conducts research on test evaluation and analysis. We also perform joint research and exchange programs with overseas testing research institutes.

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This laboratory conducts research and development into testing approaches that measure communication skills, teamwork skills, and social skills, etc.

Dr. Atsushi Aikawa

Faculty of Human Sciences,
University of Tsukuba
Ph.D. in Psychology

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